Udacity paython exam

what can i do here i really need help please

You are required to complete the function reverse(x). given a string “x” as an input it is expected to return that same string but reversed.

### Example:

#### input : "again"

#### output: "niaga"

##### you can change the string value in the variable  `text`  but you are not allowed to change the variable names or edit any other code, except the function's body, doing so may jeopardize your evaluation

text = "this is not a reversed text"

def reverse(x):
        #complete this function so that it takes string x as an input 
       #and returns its reverse

print("the reversed text is: "+reverse(text))

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what have you tried so far?

do you understand what is required from you?

would you be able to do it with just pen and paper writing instructions in plain english?

This is what the exam looks like, and I just need someone to answer it to know the method used

We aren’t here to answer exam questions for you. We can help you fix errors in your solution, however.

okay then im sorry i did not know that im new here