Ukrainian Developer Seeks Startup Opportunities

Hey everyone, I’m Dan from Ukraine. I’ve recently ended my first sabbatical in eight years, taken due to divorce and burnout. During this time, I realized how narrow the Ukrainian market has become. When, I quit job I thought to be an engineering manager, as I have team lead experience and skills in Full-Stack React+Ror I’ve also picked up Node, GraphQL, Next.js. I’m past month.

Unfortunately, with zero commercial experience in these new skills, finding opportunities in Ukraine there 0 chances to be a manager neither even go to node. Plus, I’ve accrued some debt due to not working. I’m not keen on returning to outsourcing or outstaffing, despite the decent pay it might offer. I rather seeking on joining a startup, ideally as a founding developer or in a vibrant team. I want a role where I can contribute ideas, develop features end-to-end, and be part of strategic decision-making.

I need a living wage, of course, but I don’t want back again to where I burned out I seek something that’s fulfilling and avoids the burnout I experienced in my last job, where my efforts in big monolith transformation to micro-frontend with overworking didn’t pan out due to project downsizing.

I’ve tried AngelList and other platforms with no luck. I’m looking for a startup where I can make a real impact, possibly even building a team in Ukraine or abroad. I value friendly, safe, and happy work environments, some rush can be ok, or overtime here and there.

Could anyone advise on the best places or strategies to find such startup roles?

On the top of that need to mention that I can’t leave the country due to war, so only remote.

In case you’re interested in some random detail I just wrote my first post to “build” a brand tho it takes a time

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