Unable to complete the Install and Set Up Mongoose exercise

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I have followed the detailed instructions for the exercise given such as:

  1. Create a mongo_uri in .env
  2. create mongoose connection
  3. run the app.

When i try to submit. It fails with the messages:

“mongodb” dependency should be in package.json
“mongoose” dependency should be in package.json
“mongoose” should be connected to a database

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solution: boilerplate-express-1 - Replit

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Challenge: Install and Set Up Mongoose

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Hello. Did you download the new Replit, or did you complete this project on the Replit from the previous challenge?

Looking at your code it seems you built this on the boilerplate express Replit clone. Each challenge has its own Replit clone you need to install and work from because they are each different and have different test scripts:

Install and Set Up Mongoose

Working on these challenges will involve you writing your code using one of the following methods:

  • Clone this GitHub repo and complete these challenges locally.
  • Use our Replit starter project to complete these challenges.
  • Use a site builder of your choice to complete the project. Be sure to incorporate all the files from our GitHub repo.

So to do this challenge you need to install the new Replit starter project and work on that, not use your previous project. Is that whats going on here?

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