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I have completed the rest of the project but i seem to not be able to figure out my #tribute-info. These are the errors so far:

— Your #img-div , #image , #img-caption , #tribute-info , and #tribute-link should all be descendants of #main .

— You should have an element with an id of tribute-info .

— Your #tribute-info should not be empty.

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The challenge seed code and/or your solution exceeded the maximum length we can port over from the challenge.

You will need to take an additional step here so the code you wrote presents in an easy to read format.

Please copy/paste all the editor code showing in the challenge from where you just linked.

    <main id="main">
      <figure id="img-div">
         <img id="image" src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/images/tribute-page-main-image.jpg" />
         <figcaption id="img-caption">Dr. Norman Borlaug, third from the left, trains biologists in Mexico on how to increase wheat yields - part of his life-long war on hunger.</figcaption>
      <section id="trubute-info">
          <h2>Here's a time line of Dr. Borlaug's life:</h2>
        <div class="content">
           <li><span class="bold">1914</span>
            - Born in Cresco, Iowa</li>
            <div class="no-divider"></div>
           <li><span class="bold">1933</span>
            - Leaves his family's farm to attend the University of Minnesota, thanks to a Depression era program known as the "National Youth Administration"</li>
            <div class="no-divider"></div>
            <li><span class="bold">1935</span>
             - Has to stop school and save up more money. Works in the Civilian Conservation Corps, helping starving Americans. "I saw how food changed them", he said. "All of this left scars on me."</li>

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Are you sure you have such an element? Look carefully at your code

i believed the problem was solved?

I’ve been able to solve the problem.

I took the #tribute-info element out of the section nested it into the unordered list.


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