Unable to submit the URL of the public repository for the final project

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Dear Freecodecamp Support Team,

I need assistance with a problem I am facing while trying to submit the URL of the public repository for the final project “Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game”. I have completed all the required tasks for the project, but I am unable to submit the URL due to an error message that says “You must complete the project first.”

I have tried to submit the URL multiple times, but I keep getting the same error message. Even after completing all the tasks, some tasks appear as not done, and I have to run the project again until all tasks are green.

I have ensured that all the required files for the final project are in the public repository, and I have also checked that the repository is public and accessible. However, I still cannot submit the URL.

Could you please assist me with this issue?

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Here I share the code of the final proyect


# Create variable PSQL for connecting to Postgres Database
PSQL="psql --username=freecodecamp --dbname=number_guess -t --no-align -c"

# Prompt user to enter their username
echo "Enter your username:"

#Retreive in a single query all the information from database (for better performance of the script)
IFS="|" read GAMES_PLAYED BEST_GAME USER_ID <<< "$($PSQL "SELECT COUNT(game_id), MIN(number_of_guesses), user_id FROM games FULL JOIN users USING(user_id) WHERE username = '$USERNAME' GROUP BY user_id")"

# If user_id id null
if [[ -z $USER_ID ]]; then
  # Welcome message for new users
  echo -e "\nWelcome, $USERNAME! It looks like this is your first time here."
  # Insert the new_user to the database and Retrieve user_id in a single command
  # The -q flag is used to suppress the output of the psql command, so only the returned user_id value is printed to the console.
  USER_ID="$($PSQL "INSERT INTO users(username) VALUES('$USERNAME') RETURNING user_id" -q)"

  # If there is that user_id in the database
  # Welcome message for returning users
  echo -e "\nWelcome back, $USERNAME! You have played $GAMES_PLAYED games, and your best game took $BEST_GAME guesses."

# Generate secret number between 1 and 1000
SECRET_NUMBER=$(( RANDOM % 1000 + 1 ))
# Generate number_of_guesses variable. This is better than constantly connecting to the database and change the data

  # Prompt the user to guess the secret number
  echo -e "\nGuess the secret number between 1 and 1000:"
  #Instead of calling a function is better a while loop that will run indefinitely until the code inside the loop issues a break command to exit the loop.
  while :
  #Within the while loop, ((TRIES++)) increments the variable TRIES by 1 each time the loop iterates, indicating the number of attempts made so far.


    # If the input is not an integer between 1 and 1000
    if [[ !($NUMBER_GUESS =~ ^[0-9]+$ && $NUMBER_GUESS -ge 1 && $NUMBER_GUESS -le 1000) ]]
      echo -e "\nThat is not an integer, guess again:"
      # If number is an interger between 1 and 1000, check if the input is less than the secret number
      elif [[ $NUMBER_GUESS -lt $SECRET_NUMBER ]]
      echo -e "\nIt's higher than that, guess again:"         
      # If the input is greater than the secret number
      elif [[ $NUMBER_GUESS -gt $SECRET_NUMBER ]]
      echo -e "\nIt's lower than that, guess again:"       
      elif [[ $NUMBER_GUESS -eq $SECRET_NUMBER ]]
      echo -e "\nYou guessed it in $NUMBER_OF_GUESSES tries. The secret number was $SECRET_NUMBER. Nice job!"
      # Insert a new game record into the database
      NEW_RECORD=$($PSQL "INSERT INTO games(user_id, number_of_guesses) VALUES($USER_ID, $NUMBER_OF_GUESSES)")
      #Break out of the infinite loop, and end the game.
  done   **

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Challenge: Number Guessing Game - Build a Number Guessing Game

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This usually happens because FCC hasn’t received acknowledgement of course completion from the CodeRoad course. If you go back into the project and ensure that you have clicked ‘Continue’ on the course completion message there and then go back to the URL submission page and try again, it should work?

If that doesn’t work, there are a couple of other things which you can try from this post (which is linked in the main Relational Database course page): Running the Relational Database Curriculum in your Browser

thank you for your response! Yes, I have clicked ‘Continue’ on the course completion message. After thant I go to menu>curriculum > relational database certification and try to put the URL link in the last proyect but with no luck.

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