Unable to view any of my past articles on News

Hi freeCodeCamp team,

My author account is Ashwin Hariharan - freeCodeCamp.org, and I see my past articles from medium publication here.

I wanted to update a few of my articles, so I logged into my account after quite some time. But when I login, I’m unable to see any of my posts in the editor / dashboard

Can someone kindly look into this and help me?

HI @booleanhunter

Authors are no longer able to edit articles once they are published.
If you need to make an edit, please contact the editorial team.


Thanks for letting me know, I wasn’t aware of this change. Is there any info or update that I can read so that I may understand why edits are no longer allowed?

So let me clarify my earlier statement.
Authors can make edits and choose to add something or delete something in their article, they just have to go through the editorial team first.
You can no longer make changes yourself like you did when fcc was on medium.

The main reason for this change is because fcc wants to control the content since they are on their own publication instead of using medium.
It prevents authors from just pulling their content, or making significant changes that might affect quality or sneaking in tons of promotional content.

If you have changes you want to make, the editorial team is pretty flexible and will add it to your article. Plus they respond pretty quickly to emails.

If you have any other questions about the publication you can ask the editorial team via email.

Hope that clears it up.


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