Unable to wrap my head around challenge

I’m currently stuck on challenge # 210, record collection. Can anyone help me out with this?

What exactly you need the help with?

Sorry for the late response. Well, I keep getting the error: "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ABBA’ of undefined"
Here’s my function:

function updateRecords(id, prop, value) {
if (collection[id][prop] == “tracks” && collection[id][prop][value] === “”) {

if (collection[id][prop] == “tracks” && collection[id][prop][value] !== “”){

if (collection[id][prop][value] === “”){
delete collection[id][prop];

return collection;


Assuming test case updateRecords(5439, "artist", "ABBA");

In your first if your check looks like this:

if (collection[5439]["artist"] == "tracks" && ...

But collection doesn’t have "artist" property for id 5439 so you get an error.

From the challenge’s description:

If prop isn’t “tracks” and value isn’t empty (""), update or set the value for that record album’s property.

So you should check
if (prop !== "tracks" && value !== "") {...
and so on…

I wrote a similar post in another thread, but SPOILER ALERT it includes solution: http://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/record-collection-challange/10949/49

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Sorry again for the late response, university has me running circles lol
Thank you so very much for the help! That fixed it for me :slight_smile: