Understand Absolute versus Relative Units 1

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can someone spot why this code didnt qualify “Your red-box class should give elements 1.5em of padding.”

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  .injected-text {
    margin-bottom: -25px;
    text-align: center;

  .box {
    border-style: solid;
    border-color: black;
    border-width: 5px;
    text-align: center;

  .yellow-box {
    background-color: yellow;
    padding: 20px 40px 20px 40px;

  .red-box {
    background-color: red;
    margin: 20px 40px 20px 40px;
    padding : 1.5em;

  .green-box {
    background-color: green;
    margin: 40px 20px 20px 40px;
<h5 class="injected-text">margin</h5>

<div class="box yellow-box">
  <h5 class="box red-box">padding</h5>
  <h5 class="box green-box">padding</h5>

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Hi @PreVizsla

I suspect it’s because you have a space before the padding and : and the tests are using RegExp to check your work. As a side note, your solution is perfectly valid as the CSS compile will ignore that whitespace, just FCC tests that are a bit fussy.

/* Change from this: */
padding : 1.5em;

/* To this: */
padding: 1.5em;