Understand Arrays of objects

Hi coders,
I have doubts about array of objects: I don’t understand how to define and how they can be used.
Are there examples or resource where I can to study ?

If you know how to define an object literal, it’s quite simple because you just have to put multiple objects inside an array like so:

const arr = [
    name: "John Doe"
    name: "foo bar"

This is a nice data structure to keep your data organized. If you want to perform specific operations to each object/item, you can now loop through the array and find wanted objects.

@camcode it’s a common data structure. Most servers return json which can be literally parsed to Array of Objects.

let myObject = {
    name: 'kerafyrm',
    age: 38

let myObject2 = {
    name: 'john snow',
    age: 21

let myArray = [];


[{name: 'kerafyrm', age: 38}, {name: 'john snow', age: 21}];

[object, object] ^^ aka array of objects