Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables help me. Hello

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// Declarations
var studlyCapVarCamelCase = 10;
var properCamelCase = "A" + "String";
var titleCaseOverCamelCase = 9000;

// Assignments
studlyCapVarCamelCase = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOverCamelCase = 9000;

This: studlyCapVar is defined and has a value of 10
And this: titleCaseOver is defined and has a value of 9000
These two items show me as wrong, but the others are corrects, according to the test…

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You should not be changing the spelling of the original words shown. You are only supposed to change the case of the letters. You added the word CamelCase to the first and third variables.

The challenge instructions are below. You are supposed to use the concept of camelCase (which you did correctly) and not create any new variables (which you did not do correctly).

Modify the existing declarations and assignments so their names use camelCase.
Do not create any new variables.

Thanks. It was helpfull!