Unsplash Search Criteria

I have just come across the site-

for sourcing images. I am wondering whether it is possible to search their images using either-

dimensions (Width X Height)
aspect ratio (4 / 1) for example

I don’t see any technical criteria on their webpage for searches. The criteria they do have are limited to subject types in the images like-
architecture etc.
nice but it would be even better to be able to have the above 2 technical criteria searchable as well. Is that possible?

Here’s a list with parameters that you can use:

param Description
query Search terms.
page Page number to retrieve. (Optional; default: 1)
per_page Number of items per page. (Optional; default: 10)
order_by How to sort the photos. (Optional; default: relevant). Valid values are latest and relevant.
collections Collection ID(‘s) to narrow search. Optional. If multiple, comma-separated.
content_filter Limit results by content safety. (Optional; default: low). Valid values are low and high.
color Filter results by color. Optional. Valid values are: black_and_white, black, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, magenta, green, teal, and blue.
orientation Filter by photo orientation. Optional. (Valid values: landscape, portrait, squarish)

Unsplash docs

They also have something called Dynamically resizable images so it might be something that you’re looking for but I’ve never used that so I don’t know exactly how it works.

Hi @ttibsen!

You could try this extension.

Thanks very much - exactly what I was looking for!!