Unsure how to find component I need

Hello everyone! I am currently building a simple website for a client.
The website will have just 4 simple pages, and speed is very important to the client, so I was thinking of using a Carousel component instead of routing so it doesn’t have to refresh the page.
And changing slides when you click on the nav-bar.
The problem is, every carousel I’ve found seems to be made only for images, with arrows I cannot remove, or with no way to control it with my navigation buttons.
Based on what I’ve described, does this ring any bells with more experienced programmers?
I thank you all in advance.

Use VueJs or react. The do not load pages as the build SIngle page applications SPAs. Further the only render the changes on the page and are veryyyy speedy therefore. Certainly it needs some time to learn them.

Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t clear in my OP.
I am using react, I am looking for a react component.
Or another method to show only one component at once.

Bumping for help , just need a more experienced opinion.

I don’t think using a carousel sounds like a good idea.

Just so I understand, it’s not that you don’t know how to use a router, it’s just you think the navigation will be faster using a carousel? Routers don’t refresh the page, they just tell what component to render at what path. If speed is a concern then you also have to consider initial load time.

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react-router-dom is meant to be used so that you don’t have to refresh the page.
Watch this video for an explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AILU8hl-dmo

It looks like I wasn’t using React-router properly. I was using <a> tags.
Looks like this video solves my problem, thank you!