Update Project!

Hey!! I just update my product landing page of you want you can go and check it out.Also I want to you write your comment about my project!

Just click the link and you will go: https://codepen.io/klaudia97/full/MNweeR

Thank you bye.

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Codepen has a useful feature where you can analyze your code and find errors. Clicking the dropdown arrow on the top right of the html/css/js areas will reveal the analyze option. I found the follow html error:


and the following CSS errors:


Aside from those errors I would focus on cleaning up the grammar on the page. There’s spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes everywhere.

I would also avoid using “here” as the placeholder text for a link. It’s better practice to be more specific with what a link actually is. It’ll help people with screenreaders quickly determine what a link is (they can scroll through links on a given page, and having a link titled here tells them nothing about where it’s going).

On line 46 you have a closing tag </citie>. This needs to be removed.

Keep on learning my friend. There’s always room for improvement, but that aside, it’s not too bad.

Thank you so much for your comment.I find those mistakes, too from you of course and for grammar mistakes i am sorry but I try my best to learn more and more and i belive in the end I will make the perfect web-site!

Thank you so much again.Your comment means a lot to us.

But can you tell me where did you find the error in css code because I went to the line 273 and I didn’t see any mistakes!

text-style on line 273 doesn’t do anything because text-style isn’t a css property. The error is telling you to remove it.

Ohh yeah I remove it!!Thank yo so much!!