Update tribute page

Hi everyone

It was been a while when I post here some my works that I did , so I decide to update the old tribute page and add some design that I learn .
I appreciate your feedback and any suggestion for the code and design.

this is the old one https://codepen.io/OmarFawzi/full/ZEzKJjm
And this is the new one https://codepen.io/OmarFawzi/full/PoNdLyY

let me know what do you think ?
Thanks .

Hey Omar,

That’s a clear improvement, well done!

  1. You can format the code in codepen (top-right arrow in each language section). It was definitely easier to read it after doing it.
  2. The images near each movie are stretched out. I think you should look into object-fit: cover; to make them look better.

Cool effect with the bottom image skew. I…might steal it someday :stuck_out_tongue:

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I add object-fit that’s good and looks better .
and of course you can steal it :joy:
thank you for your feedback .

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