[UPDATED] Discord Server for Developers

Hello there!

Although i’m fairly new here, I have some fairly good experience with forms of web design and development, alongside various programming languages.

I have always loved communities like FreeCodeCamp, and many others. I thought of integrating people all over these online development platforms into one area using a Discord server I have set-up. Allowing people to learn and develop together from people using FreeCodeCamp and other learning communities.

Server Contents:

GLOBAL - Global section allows you to talk generally to people within the community, including voice channels for general chat to make friends.

EDUCATIONAL - This area involves those who are studying in college or university within computing. You are able to get in contact with other students and help each-other. This area also includes a college and university voice channels where you can communicate at a better level. Alongside that, there is a resources channel to give you great online learning platforms, e-books and more to give you the skills and knowledge you need to graduate! [UPDATED: 28/10/2017 / 08:22am]

CHILLOUT - We all know devlopment can be stressful and time consuming. The Chillout area allows you to interact with other developers by chilling out playing games, including many game rooms to play in groups.

GENERAL DEVELOPMENT - The General Development area involves overall development topics, including web development, software development, game development, and security. It also include a Development lobby for those looking for other developers to intergrate with.

DEVELOPMENT GROUPS - If you are lnovled in learning certain development practices and skills, the development groups areas contains many voice channels to allow you to develop with other students or professionals in a relaxed manner.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - If you have any technical issues, whether programming, hardware or sofware related, you can use these channels to get the support you need.

OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT GROUPS - If you get involved in serious development projects with certain developers you know, you can get your own private development voice channel to start building the next successful project!

=> Music Bot - Want to listen to music whilst you code? A bot will be added and you will be able to pick your own songs for the bot to keep in a playlist!

=> Discord Server community Events
[UPDATED 28/10/2017 / 08:44am]

If you want to join, then come and have a look!

SERVER: https://discord.gg/Q3Q8HQn

I’m generally on at GMT.

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The link isnt working anyone, would to love join a freecodecamp based server.

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