Updated Quote Machine!

Hey guys! So I went ahead and re-did my quote machine. It was a pretty major overhaul, even used a different API. Unfortunately I totally forgot to keep a copy of the previous machine. :disappointed: Anyways, as usual please let me know what you think/provide feedback/provide criticisms. Here it is!


That looks really good! I am working on mine currently, so I might take a look at your code before moving on. I like the flat screen. I might try using a book as a background.

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Thanks! That sounds like a really interesting way of doing it. Let me know when you’re done so I can check it out! Also, that reminds me I should probably make sure my projects are well commented. xD Good luck!

Looks good, my only feedback is to add cursor: pointer; to your buttons to let users know that those buttons are interactive.

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Thanks for the tip! It’s pretty funny, I was actually wondering how I could make it more clear that those are buttons when I read your message. xD