Urgent Help- to building a functioning App

I need your advice desperately please.am trying to achieve a goal of building an app that can manage logistics inventory,have learned html and css now JavaScript.but the person mentoring me is not serious maybe because he hasn’t any projects so far he has built.i need ur advice on how I can learn and achieve my goal within the next few months.thanking you all n advance.

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I think learning about databases and model, view, controller (MVC) methodology is going to be very useful for this app.

As far a tackling the project overall, I’d say break the project up into smaller tasks/components and then use some type of tool to manage the workflow. Maybe a handful of larger concept type tasks (backend, frontend, middleware …) and then break those tasks/components down to smaller tasks/components.

Once you figure out all the components you need for this project you can either start building the things you know how to do or you will have a good list of thing you need to learn how to do and make/execute a plan for those.

Completing this in the next few months is probably going to take a lot of work. Try to keep separate the things that are absolutely necessary for this app to work and the things that can be considered more of a nice to have feature that won’t break the app functionality if not included. Focus on getting the necessities working first.

Something else to consider is a mockup or wireframe of the user interface either on paper or using a wireframe application.

Also maybe try to learn how to optimize web browsing. Knowing how to write a good web query can save you a lot of time by giving you the most relevant responses for solving any problems.

If you’re having trouble understanding Javascript especially if you’re watching tutorials and the likes, maybe what you need is to just start building the app. You might learn better when you see how javascript gives life to your app.

For starters, just google something like “how to build a website with Javascript” or something like that. Follow tutorials but don’t only aim to finish the tutorial because you want to learn something; instead, aim to immediately use what you learn from the tutorials into into building your app.

This way you can still build your app even though the tutorials are teaching you to build something different like a blog or todo app. Pick the pieces that fit your app and forget about the rest. And always be Googling.

At least, that’s what I think. Feel free to disagree because there’s a high chance that I don’t truly understand the problems you’re facing.

So there’s a large gap in knowledge that will need to be covered to even get to a position to know how to build a full-stack app with 0 prior knowledge.

  1. You need to know how to use JavaScript. Like actually know it with some experience building something complex. Watching some tutorials and saying “I got it” isn’t enough. Just like math or excising, you need to practice.

  2. You need to know Database design. Your going to be managing data right? You going to have to save that data in a database somewhere. As such you need to know how database’s work, and how to design one. (NOSQL, or MYSQL doesn’t matter, as long as you know what your doing).

  3. You need to know some system architecture so you know how the entire app will work together. If you don’t know the difference between the “client-side” code and “server-side” there’s no way you can build the app correctly (or know what your doing)

These are just points on the path of building an application like this, there are tons of points in between that can’t just be covered with a tutorial. All that filling in the blank requires you to go over them, tutorial or not. There aren’t any shortcuts if you want to learn and build a full stack app. You can watch all the tutorials you want on all the above topics, but all these will give you is an idea of what you need to learn, it wont teach you in the same way reading about working out wont make you lose weight. You need to go out, practice, and get more familiar with everything, run into the common problems and over come them.

If you have a limited time, say 6 months, you can totally do it but its not easy. If you have a deadline closer to 2-3 months, your going to have to grind extremely hard to meet that deadline by learning what you need, and implementing it. Even an experienced dev might have trouble hitting that goal, depending on the project requirements and their complexity.

If you provide more details on the app in question I’m sure we will be able to provide more direct help on the specifics of what you will need to learn, so you can focus your learning on those subjects :slight_smile:

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