URGENT, React help needed

I am fetching image json data from Unsplash API and making a gallery out of it.
the images are showing good but, I am asked that when we click on any of the images a modal should open. now as I don’t know how to do it.

I can make modals in vanilla HTML/JS. but in react i don’t know, when the modals will open the outer div needs to darken the background and inner is image. and cross button also and i have countless images.

when mapping over each item rending , how to give all that with props.
Have a look to better understand : https://photoreactgallery.vercel.app/

Hey there.

It would be awesome to see a (working) example of your project on codesandbox, so that we can fiddle around with it.

I found the sol. thanks, everyone for reading. will post after implementing it.