URL Shortener with additional feature

Today I finished developing URL Shortener service using Node + Express + Mongo
I deployed to Heroku and used MLab as a mongo database service.
I added a table which shows the recent urls and you can view how many people entered the url.

I will love hearing any feedback which could improve my work, thanks!


really well done! It’s fun playing with the data isn’t it?

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Yeah, and more fun is discovering how easy is deploying to heroku and adding Mongo database service.

really loved it, but the url is not shortened

both the urls redirect to http://google.com

I checked the record in Mongo and it seems like it works correctly.
The link https://urlthis.herokuapp.com/uJCmtN should redirect to http://google.com

Here’s the print screen

The path is where the short link should redirect to and the key is the ending of the short link.
I generated another few links and it seems like it works.