Usage of audio element

please refer to this link for the challenge

i have two questions

  1. what is the usage of id element in audio element because in the above challenge its usage is not shown.

  2. is it really true that this much high speed screen reading is a normal speed for screen readers. because i cant understand how on earth someone can understand with this speed???
    if yes then how?

thanx in advance

Hello there.

There are two main reasons you might have an id attribute for an audio element:

  1. For CSS styling: #myAudio { ... }
  2. In Javascript, you might want to do things with the element:
  <div onclick="onClick()">
    <audio id="myAudio" src="..."></audio>
const audioElement = document.getElementById("myAudio");

function onClick() {;

I am not sure about the speed of audio for someone used to screen readers…perhaps.

Hope this helps some.