Use @each to Map Over Items in a List: bug

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There seems to be a bug in this challenge! I can’t get it to pass the tests.
Any idea how to work around it?

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<style type='text/sass'> 
@each $color in blue, black, red{
.#{$color}-bg{background-color: $color;}
  div {
    height: 200px;
    width: 200px;

<div class="blue-bg"></div>
<div class="black-bg"></div>
<div class="red-bg"></div>

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You need parentheses around this to make it an array

Thanks! But actually it worked as is after trying 5-6 times in a different browser.
And the example says:

@each $color in blue, red, green {
  .#{$color}-text {color: $color;}