Use && for a More Concise Conditional

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Hi everyone, I want to ask if my solution is a good way to solve this react exercise. I did it with a || operator, but i think that I am missing a concept. I saw the solution after solving the problem, but it’s in a little different way, using only the && operator.

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class MyComponent extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
  this.state = {
    display: true
  this.toggleDisplay = this.toggleDisplay.bind(this);
toggleDisplay() {
  this.setState(state => ({
    display: !state.display
render() {
  // Change code below this line
  return this.state.display && (
       <button onClick={this.toggleDisplay}>Toggle Display</button>
  ) || (
       <button onClick={this.toggleDisplay}>Toggle Display</button>


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Challenge: Use && for a More Concise Conditional

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Your solution works of course, but if you’ve already seen a lot of React code, normally you’d do it like in the example solution. There’s no need to repeat all the JSX for the <div> and the <button>, those render in both cases. The only difference is whether the <h1> is displayed or not, so it’s cleaner/more concise to put only that <h1> inside a conditional.

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