Use Hex Code to Mix Colors trouble

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It says that “Use the hex code for the color dodger blue instead of the word dodgerblue”.
Ok. I check the instructions once more. It says :“Dodger Blue #2998E4”. The same as in my code! What;s wromng??

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  .red-text {
    color: #FF0000;
  .green-text {
    color: #00FF00;
  .dodger-blue-text {
    color: #2998E4
  .orange-text {
    color: #FFA500;

<h1 class="red-text">I am red!</h1>

<h1 class="green-text">I am green!</h1>

<h1 class="dodger-blue-text">I am dodger blue!</h1>

<h1 class="orange-text">I am orange!</h1>

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Semicolon at the end of the color:

.dodger-blue-text {
    color: #2998E4;  /* <---  semicolon!! */
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