Use of .Object in this forEach loop example

json.forEach(function(val) {
  var keys = Object.keys(val);
  html += "<div class = 'cat'>";
  keys.forEach(function(key) {
    html += "<strong>" + key + "</strong> " + val[key] + "</br>;";
  html += "</div><br>";

This is from challenge

The part that’s confusing is the

var keys = Object.keys(val)

So val would be each element in the json object.

Does Object refer to the object called json in this case?

Object is a javascript object constructor (native) which has a method keys() built into, just like arrays have map, filter, reduce etc. It accepts an object and returns all of the keys in an array.

For example:

  cat: 'meow',
  dog: 'woof',
  duck: 'quack'

This would return

['cat', 'dog', 'duck'];

You can read more here on MDN:

In your example, json would be an array of objects, which returns each object as val (in your example) then you store all the keys of that object a variable keys as an array, using Object.keys() method.

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forEach works with arrays.

["apple", "banana", "cherry"].forEach(val){

// apple
// banana
// cherry

so the val part of a forEach would be each element one at a time.

Object.keys works with objects.

Object.keys({"first": "kerafyrm", "last": "02"});
// [“first”, “last”]
this returns an array of all the keys.

So in the example you have,. I’m assuming json is an array of objects.

To further complicate this,. each object could have an array.

As you know [] is array.
As you know {} is an object.

let json = [{"names": ["red", "blue"]}, {"sizes": ["large", "small"]}];

could be an example.

each object is the val.
[“names”, “sizes”] are the Object.keys
[“red”, “blue”] & [“large”, “small”] would be the forEach key

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Thank you both. Is there a lesson on FCC that teaches this beforehand? Seems thrown in at a bad time since understanding the main gist of the challenge involves pre-requisite knowledge