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while running the test am getting message stating that “The Items component should include a propTypes check that require quantity to be a number”

but i created proptypes with the following syntax
Items.propTypes = {
quantity: PropTypes.number

did i missed any point ??
Thanks in adavance
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const Items = (props) => {
  return <h1>Current Quantity of: {props.quantity}</h1>

// change code below this line

Items.propTypes = {
  quantity: PropTypes.number
// change code above this line

Items.defaultProps = {
  quantity: 0

class ShoppingCart extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
  render() {
    return <Items  number={3}/>

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Define propTypes for the Items component to require quantity as a prop and verify that it is of type number.


As @JohnnyBizzel hinted, you are missing something after PropTypes.number


This was tricky for me too. Thanks for the emphasis @JohnnyBizzel


Can you explain better, sff?
I can’t understant very well :confused:


I get it now! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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