Use the parseInt Function with a Radix -- explanation needed

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I’m completely lost on this one.

What is a radix?
What is the base of a number?
What does the following line mean?

The radix variable says that “11” is in the binary system, or base 2. This example converts the string “11” to an integer 3.

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function convertToInteger(str) {
  return parseInt(str, 2);


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So we normally use decimal, which is base 10, for most things in day to day life (with exceptions, eg time, which is base 60). So parseInt takes a string and makes an attempt to turn it into a number, but you can pass in a base (radix) which specifies the base, and it will give you an integer back.

How does this convert to 3?

Because 3 is 11 in binary

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