Use the Rest Operator with Function Parameters, lesson needs more instructions

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i passed the lesson. just wanted to comment on the lack of information provided in the lesson

i only passed because i had previous ES6 experience, and knew how to look through the docs. there should be some mention of the docs or at least the syntax of the rest parameter argument in the lesson.

at least include this snippet from the docs

" A function’s last parameter can be prefixed with ... which will cause all remaining (user supplied) arguments to be placed within a “standard” javascript array. Only the last parameter can be a “rest parameter”. "

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const sum = (function() {
  "use strict";
  return function sum( ...args) {
    //const args = [ x, y, z ];
    return args.reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0);
console.log(sum(1, 2, 3)); // 6

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There is a link to the rest parameter MDN doc on the hint page. It is part of the fCC style guide not to have links to external resources on the challenge page.

Writing instructions

Don’t use outbound links. These interrupt the flow. And campers should never have to google anything during these challenges. If there are resources you think campers would benefit from, add them to the challenge’s Guide-related article.

However, if you do want to suggest any changes to the challenge you can open an issue on the fCC GitHub repo.