Use * to Import Everything from a File - Instructions unclear

The output is:

// running test
Properly uses import * as syntax.
// tests completed

But the goals “Properly uses import * as syntax.” is still incomplete.

The instructions say “Add the appropriate import * statement to the top of the file, using the object provided.” But there is no object provided.

Not sure what the issue is. Am I using the wrong object name?

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"use strict";
import * as capitalizeStrings from './capitalize_strings';

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I looked over the Github repo for this one. Apparently, below is the correct answer and i just tested it. The test needs, for whatever reason the import to be named ‘myStringModule’.

import * as myStringModule from “capitalize_strings”;

Hope This Helps!!


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Also, the ./ needs to be removed. I guess it’s looking at node_modules instead of a file.

You just add semicolon in line of export and dont use ./, then use any object name it will work. Given in example.

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