Useful RegExp sites

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Not sure if this is the place to post this, but here are two excellent sources to learn RegExp that have helped me learn it quickly.

If this is the wrong location, please let me know where to relocate it. Just wanted other campers to have access to them.



I’m not sure if it’s off-topic or not. but I found some bugs with the shared link with some regex patterns.

Do tell. I use this site for regex a lot so if there are bugs it would be helpful to know where. Thanks!

Just recently I was trying to come with some regex patt, it failed, but some other online tool and FCC learning division also worked as expected.

Check following answer link for regex pattern

I also note that link you provided actually uses the embed browser regex engine, so the bug is about the javascript regex, or the browser.

Some other sites uses another engines(like one in php) for validating which could result vary.