User story / tribute page

This is very confusing. Should an img need a <div> element, cant we use <img src=""> So what I think Im asking here is, what is the purpose of the <div>. Could we use <section> instead of <div>. Or just omit <div> altogether?. Im new here, if that helps at all.

I have edited your post to add backticks around the tags so that they are visible

For the tribute page the requirement is to have a div to group together the image and its description, in your personal projects you can do how you want

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Thank you for adjusting that. I think my question was; why do we need to use the div tag. Would <section> serve the same purpose?

I just tested it and it will still pass if you use the section element.
But I think a more appropriate element would be the figure tag.

If you read the error message in the test suite it suggests using either the figure or div tag.

Hope that helps!

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