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I have finally got my first Redux store working and I can access my user json no problem however I am unable to to access my fields json that is in the store. The fields data is in the store the same as user data however when I go to use useSelector it returns undefined when I console.log.

The user json is the one in the auth field below and is accessed correctly by state.user however when I enter either state.fields or neither work.

How do I go about accessing this data? I want to have the fields array de-structured so that I can access the list individually.

// select user object from redux
        const user = useSelector(state => state.user);

        // get the object with all the fields
        const fields = useSelector(state => state.fields);

        // can destructure individual fields
        const { diveSchoolList,
                articleList } = fields;


What do you get when you log out fields?

I expect that you’ll get an object with a property called fields. If you look at your data, it looks like you have nested properties both called “fields”, like state.fields.fields. I would assume there is an issue in your tree structure or in the way the reducer saves the data.

Also, you have two leaves in your state tree called “user”?

Yes I have two reducers called user as one if for adding actions and the other is a switch statement auth. The json is labelled user for authentication in the backend which is what is causing it .

I think my problem is because my createAsyncThunk is causing my Redux Tree in store to be created like fields.fields or and then I also have empty arrays in the first fields branch then the second branch has the populated ones.

This causing me problems when I access the data for fields by using for example use for a dropdown then when I try to re-render the page I get a is undefined error. Ideally my first branch of redux should be populated and then when re-render I don’t get any errors.

Yeah, you have to make your components that can handle empty data. When I write unit tests, I like to pass in empty data and make sure it doesn’t crash. You can have some kind of fast return null if the data is empty or have a spinner, or maybe if you’re lazy you just leave an empty component on the screen - just make sure it isn’t going to crash.

I haven’t worked with thunk in a long time. I don’t know. But the plain fact is that you have before you get to the actual data and you’re trying to access that with a selector for state.fields. Have you tried

const fields = useSelector(state =>;

Or at least console.log the state so we can confirm what it is.

I have changed it about since before and it is console logging the correct data when I use

Should my mapStateToComonents at the bottom of the screen "const {fields} = state.fields be the same as the useSelector at the top of the component?

I’m not sure what you mean. I see neither a mapStateToComonents nor a mapStateToProps. I haven’t used useSelector before (but I’ve used similar non-hook things) but I imagine that part of the point is that if you’re using useSelector you don’t need mapStateToProps. Both serve the purpose of hooking into the redux store.

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