Using Canvas overlay text on images

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I am looking to use the canvas tags to overlay text on an image in a popup box for a mobile app.

Does the canvas tag work well on most modern mobile browsers ? Sorry for the newbie question, but I just discovered this feature.

Can the overlayed text be an html link ?

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I have found this post that should give you instructions on how to use fillText() and JavaScript to get the text to work. I hope this is what you’re looking for.

I’ve never done mobile development, but when I’m looking to put text onto an image I use the position option in css. Not sure if that applies here. I would love to know if you can still use HTML within a mobile app.

Yeah, it’s an old API now, 15 years or so, it’s supported everywhere.

Is there a special reason why you’re not just using text though? Canvas will work fine, it’s just a much more complicated way of so Ng things (and inaccessible – you’re effectively rendering a picture of some text instead of actual text)


Hi Dan,

What does Ng mean ?

On our app we have popups when people click on individual fountain or cafés showing images from flickr, mapillary, and wikimedia commons. You can see a lot of images around the lake in Zurich. I want to overlay an author attribution text over the image.

Do you suggest just using text positioned within the popup over the image ?



Dear Caleb-Mabry,

I found this code, which I think will do the trick for us :

I will try the position option. If that works, I think it is the way to go.

Our app is a progressive web application with a manifest.json for caching. The benefit is cross platform code outside of the web stores.



I would definitely think about what @DanCouper posted. If you’re trying to make a PWA, then accessibility is important.

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Haha, sorry, I fat fingered the typing, that should have been “doing” not “so Ng” :confused:

And yes, just overlaying text is easier, and also HTML has rich support for citations. So for example:

<figure class="popup-image">
    <p>A lovely picture of Zürichsee, from <cite><a href="">Examplepedia</a></cite>, taken by <span rel="author">Edna Example</span></p>
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