Using <code> to the header is a problem in the project. why?

Tell us what’s happening:
i added the tag <code> to the header text. But when i wrote an id=“what_header_and_not_h1”. The tester did not accept it. it wants the id to be

which i believe is not correct.

What? <code>&lt;header&gt;</code> and not <code>&lt;h1&gt;</code>

Is it wrong to add a tag in a header?
The tester doesn’t recognize that the lesser and greater sign should not be used when naming an id?

here is the link to all the codes:

Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge:

Could you share when you found the <code> tags to be found in the User Stories? I can’t seem to find them.

Please link to your project (on Codepen or whatever) and remember to include the test script.

I’m guessing the test is checking the text content of the header and it does not expect anything in the header except the matching text from the link (anchor text and id).

@razzakammar_nano User Story #6

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User Story #6: The .main-section elements should contain at least 5 code elements total (not each).

You just need to put <code></code> inside the elements that have the .main-section class NOT inside the <header></header>.

  • You create five <section></section> elements. Each section must use the class .main-section.
  • Each <section> has a <header></header> inside `.
  • After the <header></header>, you need to include <p>paragraphs</p> and <code> code </code> blocks.

The ID is for the <section> element. Look at this example:

<section class="main-section" id="The_Wonderful_Monster"> <!-- The section ID is the same as the header text, but with added underscores -->
  <header>The Wonderful Monster</header>


i want the code to be inside the header text.

but thats not the point to my issue.

the tester of the project doesnt allow me to do what i want with header text.

hm? why do i need to link my project or whatever when i am asking a general question regarding the tester of the project?

But what i understand is the tester is programmed to accept only identical text. what is written on the header must be identically written on the link. even if the header text has symbols.

its not mentioned in the user stories. The code tag i found it myself when i wanted to add the greater than and smaller than sign <> .

Because then we can actually see what the problem is without having to reproduce it ourselves. Why would you not link to the project you are asking for help with?

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. If you do not follow the instructions, it will not pass.

If a client’s instructions were to put an image with a big border in the header, would you insist on putting it in the body, and without a border?

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The question is the code that i included and not the project. i have no problem adding the whole codes of my project. i thought its unnecessary since i am just talking about a single code line that can be generated any where.

offcourse it matters but itdoesnt say that i cant add symbols to the code <code>&lt; &gt;</code>.

The problem is that the tester wants the class or id to be names like this


Which i understand we better not write it class/id names this way. But the correct way would be
What _header_and_not_h1

Again, the point is, if you just added the link we would be able to actually see what the test is complaining about. So we can check/test to see what the issue is, without having to reproduce the project condition ourselves and also add the test script, just to check and see what the issue is.

That is, you would have made it easier for us to answer your question.

Oh! ok. Cool cool.
There is no fun if i did not make it a bit challenging for you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

here is the link: