Using CodePen and the link to my CodePen

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I’d like to know what to put in to create a link to my CodePen.

I did my coding in Visual Code. I see CodePen has a bunch of settings that allow you to add scripts like cdn for jQuery and BootStrap. I like seeing all that in my code but CodePen has such a tiny editor window it is hard to code in it and move around.

I began the Tribute Page but didn’t really like the idea of a tribute to anyone. I went away from the jumbotron and found other stuff I liked in BootStrap. I wound up making a page with an image carousel and other stuff.

Then I realized I probably overthought the challenge and went back to the jumbotron and a simple page with the features asked for.

I"m almost finished, but I can’t figure out what I have to write to include a link to my CodePen because I have no idea what that link is.

So, what exactly is the link to my CodePen?

Sorry I overthought, but it was also a great learning experience for me with BootStrap and jQuery.

Your code so far

The link to your Codepen would typically be the full version of the pen. In your case, it would be