Using Recursion to Create a Range


I tried to get past this challenge but I can’t and I don’t know where is the problem. My code does what it is supposed to do but when I run the tests, it doesn’t seem to work.

Please help.

Here is my code:

var array = [];
function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
if (startNum == endNum) {
   return array;
else {
   rangeOfNumbers(startNum + 1, endNum)
   return array;
console.log(rangeOfNumbers(1, 6))

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Sorry, I tried it and can’t figure it out. The output looks correct to me.

Maybe the tester doesn’t like that you used a global variable?

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Yes, @CactusWren2020 is correct - the issue is your use of a global variable. More specifically, the issue is you have a console.log function call at the bottom, which fills your array with the range from 1 to 6. The issue is that value isn’t cleared when the tests are run, so the tests are seeing the wrong values.

The test suite is set up to “clean up” the results of each test, so the next test starts with a blank slate, but they won’t clean up the results from your function call. Try removing that console.log line and see what happens. :slight_smile:

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recursive functions must do atleast these 2 things:

  • return call itself
  • have an end condition
// example
function recurse(arg){
    if (condition){
    return recurse(arg + 1)


A recursive function doesn’t necessarily have to return itself, just call itself. :slight_smile:

Now that I removed console.log , everything works.

Thank you for your answer and explanation

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Hey, I don’t know if I should start a new thread for this. It’s the same exercise. Some of the solutions on the ‘Get a Hint’ page use syntax that we haven’t learned yet on fCC so I did it step by step with what I know. The tester accepted my solution but I feel it’s too bulky?

function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
  let n = endNum;
  if (n < startNum) {
    return [];
  } else {
    const countArray = rangeOfNumbers(startNum, n - 1);
    return countArray;
console.log(rangeOfNumbers(3, 9));

I pass my test but it feel not right (or complete) because I think it should take into account when the first number is bigger. Here is my solution:

function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
  if (endNum - startNum === 0) {
    return [startNum];
  } else if (startNum > endNum){
    var nums = rangeOfNumbers(endNum, startNum - 1);
    return nums;
  } else {
    var numbers = rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum - 1);
    return numbers;
console.log(rangeOfNumbers(14, 8));

the challenge does not ask to account for when the first number is bigger, but good job in covering edge cases! In this case it is not necessary tho

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