Using Riverpod to build a state but cant assign a list(array) to type int state, Dart Flutter

import 'package:flutter_riverpod/flutter_riverpod.dart';
import 'package:fitness/fitness.dart';

class StepNotifier extends StateNotifier<int?> {
  StepNotifier() : super(0);
  void _readSteps() async {
    final now =;
    final steps = await
      timeRange: TimeRange(start: now.subtract(const Duration(days: 1)), end: now),
      bucketByTime: 1,
      timeUnit: TimeUnit.days,
    state = steps;  //Here is a error as cannot assign list(array) to type int ?

final stepProvider = StateNotifierProvider((ref) => StepNotifier());

Basically Here I am writing a State to show steps taken to user with riverpod and using StateNotifierProvider but i cant assign steps to state variable as steps is a list which is a array in another progrramming language and the initial value of state is integer which is shown on Super(0)

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