Using spritesheet as nodes image

Hi all ^^
I’m doing the force-directed graph project, and i’m having some trouble using the spritesheet linked in the challenge ( here ).
I mean, i’m able to use it (in local) outside the svg, but when i try to use it as node image it won’t work…i tried to use other images and everything is fine :confused:
Examining it i obtain the result in the image below: i think it*s exactly what it supposed to be, but nothing happen …


The above image result from selection here visualized:

I saw a similar topic here but there were no responses :frowning_face:
P.S II :
If someone would know how to host that i’ll build a minimal pen to show the situation ^^

SVG <image> is different from HTML <image>. If I remember correctly CSS clipping that is used for sprite sheets doesn’t work.

It’s been a while since I’ve used D3 so I can only redirect you to this stackoverflow thread:

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Ah, thanks for the link^^
I will read it tomorrow, seems quite demanding :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks to one of those links i figured it out. I’m pretty sure this is the worst way possible, but that’s it ^^ I’ll fix it when i’ll be more skilled :slightly_frowning_face:
link pen

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Awesome! What matters the most is that it works. Clean code and the rest will come with experience.