Using the <code> tag on HTML code

Hi. So i’ve just started on the “Build a technical documentation Page”.
I decided to do it on HTML, on information taken from .
Part of the challenge/user story involves using the <code> tag. Which seems fine, when the <code> tag isn’t wrapped around HTML code.
So trying to wrap <code> tags around <p> doesn’t do anything (as it treats the <p> as part of the HTML code itself. So i’ve started by doing this, <code><</code><code>p></code>.
I’m hoping that there’s a better way :), but after inspecting the HTML in the wiki page itself, it seems they have to break out the “<” in the code also.
Even so, i thought i’d ask here and see if anyone can offer any advice, either to confirm that’s the only way, or a better idea :).
This is my CodePen for it (remember i’ve only just started on it please :P)
Thanks all

Hello @PMorgan,

I am not getting what you’re trying to mean. Did you mean making the whole block of a paragraph in code form ? If so, then use this:


Check out the HTML entities.

In this case, you can you can use &lt; for < and &gt; for >, where lt stands for the less than sign and gt stands for the greater than sign.


&lt;p&gt; becomes <p>
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Brilliant! thanks for this!
It seems i can generally get away with just using the &lt; to break the code so that it shows up as text, but should i be using both anyway?