Using the minmax Function

why error occuring?

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  .container {
    font-size: 40px;
    min-height: 300px;
    width: 100%;
    background: LightGray;
    display: grid;
    /* change the code below this line */
    grid-template-columns: minmax( 3,90px, 1fr);
    /* change the code above this line */
    grid-template-rows: 1fr 1fr 1fr;
    grid-gap: 10px;
<div class="container">
  <div class="item1">1</div>
  <div class="item2">2</div>
  <div class="item3">3</div>
  <div class="item4">4</div>
  <div class="item5">5</div>

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you are given this line of code:

  grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr);

and the instructions you are given are:

Using the minmax function, replace the 1fr in the repeat function with a column size that has the minimum width of 90px and the maximum width of 1fr, and resize the preview panel to see the effect.

The instructions say to ‘replace the 1fr’ . Here is what your code looks like now as you posted above:

   grid-template-columns: minmax( 3,90px, 1fr);

Does this new line look like the old line? It should look like the old line but the 1fr should be replaced …