Using the same style is considered as plagiarism?

Hello. One of my main problems is that i’m not very creative about what style to use when creating a page. For the FCC Projects what i have done is basically clone the examples they gave me. Creating it from scratch without looking at the example code. Sometimes i try to change some stuff to my own preference. Is this ok or can be considered as plagiarism too?

For example this is the example code given for the random quote project:
this is how i made it:

Off the top of my head there’s two blatant acts of plagiarism in web design:

1.) You clone a website pixel for pixel and then sell it as you own

2.) You take a logo, images, graphics, or text copy from another website and claim it as your own

Now with #1, I’m not saying you can’t take a website and try to build it from scratch for practice. That’s totally fine, I encourage that as a great way to learn. I’m not even saying you can’t find an element you like on a website…a nav bar, a button design, maybe the way someone did a layout of particular sections, and then keep those in a morgue/inspiration file for ideas. But if you literally take an entire design, make it, then turn around and sell it to a client or in mass like a template, then that’s a no-no.

To go into a little more depth with #2, it would be like taking the Google logo (for a extreme example) and using it and calling it your own. That’s definitely copyright infringement.

There’s so much in website design these days that’s been done over and over again by so many designers that the ideas themselves become almost public domain. For example how many times have you seen rounded mono-colored buttons? Little vector icons? Giant background images? People use these design concepts all the time. BUT again, it’s one thing for you and I to make a rounded transparent button with a border outline around it (something simply achieved with straight up css that anyone can make if they know how), and another for you to make an awesome little graphic and then for me to take that graphic and reuse it on my site.

Does that make sense?