Using the selling options from product landing page

Hey y’all,

I’m designing a little personal project for something I have been working on. On my webpage, I would like to include a little section for an e-commerce shop where I could sell some merchandise. With no idea where to begin, I took a small snippet from FCC’s product landing page and couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for skipping a good portion of work. Can someone help and let me know if they think this is a good idea. I plan on manipulating it to fit the needs of what I’m selling, but I think it would probably be best for my learning to build something like this on my own, I just didn’t have any idea on how to get started. Is there a tutorial someone could recommend for building a gallery like this? or some set of instructions?


Hey @iangoodman!

I am not sure if you are asking about how to design a product page or if you want to build a fully functional ecommerce store.

If your goal is to just design a product page then that will only include html and css. You can check out w3 schools on how to design product cards.

If you are interested in building a functional ecommerce store than you can check out this FCC tutorial.

Hope that helps!