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let myString = "Hello, World!";
let myRegex = /Hello/;
let result = myRegex; // Change this line

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they gave you an example of what to do already:

let testStr = "freeCodeCamp";
let testRegex = /Code/;
// Returns true

You will struggle a lot in this section if you do not follow the examples carefully.

Do you see how they use test? They use it on a ‘testRegex’ and give it a parameter which is a test string…

Please edit your post and tell us what your question is. Otherwise, we have no idea what help you need.

I guess the problem is that even when you write the right solution the test aren’t getting passed. The following code solves the challenge…

let myString = "Eleanor Roosevelt";
let myRegex = /(Franklin|Eleanor).*Roosevelt/g;
let result = myRegex.test(myString);

… but 2/5 of the tests fail.
Apologies for my grammar and spelling.

I would that in this case the issue is not the tests… I have answered you in the other thread you created