Validate US Telephone Numbers - Did I Cheat?

While looking for more info on RegExp, I came across this Site. It really helped me to understand how RegExp is constructed. I placed all the values requiring validation on the page and then I was able to build a general string, in real time. This left me with 3 exceptions for which I constructed individual strings.

So, rather than taking 3 days ( which I normally take), I completed this challenge in less than 3 hours.

I hope I did not cheat. If I did, I do not feel too bad because I learnt a lot about RegExp.

Cheers & happy coding

You wrote your own patterns, so finding a helpful tool is just working smart! You might also like

Thanks ArielLeslie. You are right. And that link loos pretty good too.

if u actually cheat , u will not do well , but if u copied and modified it and also knew how d result was produced better
for you

@gabby4hi. I feel much better. Thinking back, I did not cheat. It was quite educational to see the result as I built the pattern.

dats d best really, like me i spent so much time on challenge, write and try to solve problems by myself before searching for an assistance online