Validate US Telephone Numbers - regex

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I’m not sure why my regex string isn’t working to correctly pass the test. Any suggestions on what I’m missing

***after working on the older version in, I modified it to the following and still not able to figure it out. Any suggestions?


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	var regex = /^1?\s?\((?=\d{3}\))\d{3}[-.)]?\s?\d{3}[-.]?\s?\d{4}(?!\))(?!\d+)/;
  // Good luck!
  return regex.test(str);

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Ah, regex: I found these three resources very helpful (especially regexr)

Testing site, much like codepen or jsfiddle - uses coloring and explains step-by-step what is going on in what you write:

Quick table of regex operators:…/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_04_01.html

In-depth tutorial, looks very granularly at the regex engine, uses colors to illustrate concepts:


Thanks @vipatron - that is helping a ton! Especially the regexr site!

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My process for writing regular expressions.

  1. Try writing it.
  2. Fail.
  3. Open regexr.
  4. Succeed.

I’m getting closer - still having issues, but making progress.

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I remember that for that particular challenge, I copy/pasted the various number formats into the lower textarea on regexr, and had to read the test cases below the “run tests” buttons a few different times. That, and a lot of console.log statements. It was one of the harder ones. Keep it up!

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