I am so confused and frustrated now. I was revisiting my first completed project (tribute page) and I have it on git. I watched the video on HTML/CSS from freecodecamp the most recent one to help me in areas I felt I was struggling with. I learned about using the site to check your code. Now that I am using that it shows me so many errors! This is confusing because this was a completed project that already passed the validation test on freecodecamp, why do I have so many errors now when using To give more details this project was done in codepen, then I copied and pasted to Visual Studio Code so the project can be on github. I am using github the deployment page url for the to see the errors. Some things that was asked in the user stories are incorrect to do according to the validator. Now I feel like I don’t know or understand anything.

Sorry to hear that you’re seeing so many issues in the code. If you can provide some sort of link to the code and/or provide some sampling of the errors found that would be an interesting place to start this discussion.

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