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Error [Once both functions have run, the sum should be equal to 8 .]

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// Setup
var sum = 0;

function addThree() {
sum = sum + 3;

// Only change code below this lin
function addFive(num) {
sum = sum + 5;

// Only change code above this line
var result = addFive(3);
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Challenge: Understanding Undefined Value returned from a Function

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You’re mixing two contradicting concepts in one place. This function definition and call match okay

function addThree() { //no parameters
  sum = sum + 3;


Function addThree has no parameters, so the function call addThree is passing no argument. They match.
Function addFive must accept no arguments, so it’s definition is

function addFive() {

Don’t change this structure (just complete the function body), because you are not allowed to change it, so the call at the bottom addFive() matches with the definition. This function adds 5 to the global variable sum and returns undefined (meaning there’s no return statement).
The call to addFive() is already there. Remove

var result = addFive(3);

because it is not matching or compatible with what’s already given there.

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