Var twitch API is null my 2nd API link works but not my first

I am doing the Twitch API Project and I manage to get the channel API to work but the first API that I have link only leads to null. I tried that free Code Camp give but it comes up not found. Any help would be appreciated.
var url= “”;

You need to take a look at the errors showing up in your browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chrome) for your Codepen. First issue is you are missing a library. Once you correct that, you have a TypeError showing up when you use display_name on line 17 of your Codepen, because data2.follows[0].channel is undefined. Why? Because the object represented by data2.follows[0] does not have a channel property. Adding the following console.log statement to the previous line, shows you what the object looks like: