Variable name syntax?

Hello fcc support,

I am having difficulty with step 15 of the building a city skyline tutorial. I am inputting the following code:

.bb1a {
background-color: var(–#999);

I have read the CSS article on the use of var ( ) function on freeCodeCamp and the syntax appears to be correct. What is incorrect about the above CSS entry?

you’re supposed to call your “variable name” within your “var()” with “–” as a prefix

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Thanks. I thought I already tried entering that code.

#999 is a fixed hex value. A variable is a “container” that stores values. You assign the variable some value and then use it by its name.

:root {
  --color-text: #1e1e1e;

p {
  color: var(--color-text);
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did you or did you not try something like this syntax background-color: var(--clr); in your code?

I included the var(–clr) code as the input and it passed the test.

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