Verify my prototype chain

I am trying to learn JS Prototype concept. I think I almost got it, but I was hoping that someone can verify my understanding for me (based on the picture attached).

function Car(){}

function drive(){

function stop(){

function park(){
} = drive;
Car.prototype.stop = stop;
Car.prototype.park = park;

const myCar = new Car();;

console.log(Car.prototype); //{ drive: [Function: drive], stop: [Function: stop], park: [Function: park] }
console.log(Car.__proto__ === Function.prototype); // T as expected
console.log(Car.__proto__ === Function.__proto__); // T as expected
console.log(Function.prototype === Function.__proto__); // T as expected
console.log(Car.__proto__.__proto__ === Function.__proto__); //F
console.log(Car.prototype.__proto__); //null as expected
console.log(; //null as expected

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