Voting App - Feedback for my first Dinamic webApp project

I would like to know mostly what will you improve, what things you dont see it properly, and whatever you think would help me to do better applications in the future.

With the purpose of make it easier for you I will separate this in 2 parts:

User experience:

Just have a look on the web and tell me about this, what will you improve, and so. My impression is that I have work to do with the responsiveness of the web, but I am having some problems there.

The code, (which is the most interesting part).

The app is made with vue.js, I wanted to explore this framework after doing the challenges with react and is super cool. I love it, also react, but for this small projects I think vuejs do the work.

You know how it works, in the folder “src” you will find everything.

Hope to hear your thoughts and any help in any part will be welcome.

Thanks a lot!